How to get your ex back

The Heart to Head Method



When I got this book from a friend, I must admit that at first I was a bit skeptical. Applying business techniques to relationship issues!? Just try it, if you don’t like it, I’ll try to help you in another way, she said sweetly. So I started reading. And it did work! I can now see that there actually a lot of things we can learn about relationships in other fields, the ‘not-romantic-ones’. It was kind of fun to make a love-resume, to learn about non-violent communication, and about the fundamental differences between men and women. Robert Faulkner’s book helped me to see where my ex and I had gone wrong and how we could improve. And fortunately my ex agreed, so we are back together again. I really can’t help Dr Faulkner enough.

Hillary, 34.

Very informative

This book was very informative. There was so much about relationships I didn’t know. I could really relate to what the author said about why couples break up, and why the break up happened. In fact: I was making all the mistakes he talks about in the book… Stuck to the book, followed the advice, and my girlfriend and I are talking again. Awesome. 5 stars

Jonathan, 24

Not a boy himself

You can tell once you start reading this book the author has had quite a bit of experience with relationships. He is wise, not a young boy without life experience. Once you read the book, you’ll understand a lot more about fixing and keeping a good relationship. That’s what I liked.

Jaimy, 28

Patience is important…

A dear friend of mine gave me this book a few weeks ago and this by far is the best book I’ve read with perfect advice for getting my ex back. Be sure to read the entire book before taking action. Very in depth. I’m currently back with him. Be patient and it will happen for you too!

Cheryl, 43

Five stars!?

Five stars? Is that all I can give? Really, this book deserves so much more. I was very satisfied when I purchased this book. At first I was afraid the book would be a bit to business-like. It wasn’t. Dr Faulkner has written it with great empathy, he has really tried to write down all his knowledge about relationships, and it is a lot. The book gave me some homework: to write your love resume, for example (it was kinda fun, to be honest). It really prepared me for my meeting with my ex. I was so nervous about it! But thanks to all his practical advice, also about body language, it went amazingly, it really was a fresh start, and that was all I needed…

It works…

I RARELY write book reviews. But this one made such an impact, I hope my review will help another woman in a similar situation. This Heart to Head Method is not just a gimmick, not just some superficial and commercial nonsense. It actually works. It is an honest book in the sense that it makes you look at yourself, your ex and your relationship with honest eyes. It sometimes hurts as hell, but it helps. Robert Faulkner’s book is well written, with good and clear examples and these techniques really work. My ex and I not fully reunited, but on our way. Thanks!!!

Maria, 40

It does the trick

Awesome tips to get your ex back! Robert Faulkner helps you with one of the most difficult situations in your life and really puts things in perspective and gives you great practical tips that will actually work. Thank you for all the helpful tips.

Jose, 36

Great tips and options

When it comes to relations, all opinions are subjective. Everyone has his own life experience, and if you read something in this book that you have not seen in your life… Or in case it does not fit your assumptions how the things are working out there in the world of love and passion… Or in case the author just has described the situations that are not similar to the one that you have… you may think the author is wrong. However, I think he gives lots of great tips and options here. Some of them you won’t ever apply because they won’t fit your situation, as I said. There are thousands of combinations, and one book simply cannot be the remedy for all lovers. In fact, you need to try, and perhaps you will find inside this book exactly what you need to return your ex back.

Jolene, 27

Amazing book

When we lose someone who is valuable to us and want them back we can never be sure as to what is the best way or the right way to get them back. We need someone to tell us what mistakes we’re about to make and why they’re not going to work. We need someone who understands what our automatic natural reactions are going to be and can help us turn those into something much more positive. Robert Faulkner’s book does all this. His book is an amazing help which tells us how we can get back the important relationships we had let slipped thru our fingers. It is always good to know there is still a chance that we can have the relationship back. Though most of the time we know what needs to be done to get it back just needed the encouragement to do it. Either way this book will help you and that is why I like this book very much.

Ashley, 43