How to get your ex back

The Heart to Head Method

About Robert

Welcome to my site! My name is Robert Faulkner, 48, author of ‘How To Win Your Ex Back – The Heart to Head Method’.

Let me tell you something about myself. I have been in business since I finished university. First as a trainee, then as a manager, then as a board member in several companies.

Over the years I have learnt a lot, in practice, but also from business courses: how to deal with miscommunication, pride, cultural differences and so on. The older I got, the more I valued helping other people, being their coach rather than their manager. With this shift in my role, the issues changed as well: first they were strictly professional, but they became more and more personal, like relational problems – the issues that really bothered them.

As I could see that these issues also harmed their professional behaviour, I tried to help as good as I could. I turned out to be good at it. ‘Doctor Love’, I was called and I regarded it as a compliment.

Then one day, five years ago, somebody said: ‘Robert, I am incredibly happy with your advice. You helped me getting my ex back. I think that more people should benefit from your knowledge and experience. Why don’t you write a book about it?’

And so I did.

It’s been a journey and it’s funny, but looking back I see that all my past experiences somehow have contributed to the development my Method. Analysed with the head, written from the heart – I wish you all the best,

with love,