How to get your ex back

The Heart to Head Method

Samples from How To Get Your Ex Back

Here are some samples from How To Get Your Ex Back – Use Your Head To Fix Your Heart. They mean to give you a better idea of what my book is about. Believe, it really helps!

Relationships exist between two lovers, but also between colleagues, between a company and a client, between two countries. All of these relationships sometimes deal with problems: countries may have been in war and have made peace again, one can hate a colleague, but somehow have to find a way to work with him. And look at business: when it comes to persuasion for example, we can learn a great deal from sales.

In these areas there have been done a lot of studies. In this book I tried to learn from them and transfer them to our subject: how to fix a break-up. In Step One you and I try to analyse what had gone wrong. How did it end like this? Where did you go wrong? In Step Two you will learn to formulate what needs to be changed to make things right. In Step Three we talk about the next step: how to persuade your ex to come back to you and in Step Four we will discuss how best to get in touch with your ex and what to do when you meet him or her.

This may sound like a cold way of looking at your personal tragedy. But again, let me assure you: it is the best thing to do. Instead of only listening to your heart and your emotions, that tell you to call your ex, shout out that you miss her, you should rely more on your mind, otherwise you are going to make the same mistakes that so many people make. The very same mistakes that you hear other people make, that makes you tell them ‘what in the world were you thinking!’ Because that’s the problem: they weren’t thinking clearly. Their emotions have gotten hold of them.

It’s not that you’re not allowed to feel anymore! Of course not. In this book you will be asked to look at the way you feel about your ex, yourself and your relationship and to analyze it: what you want is your heart and brain to cooperate! That’s what the Heart to Head Method is all about…

…or about the Love Resume:

Finding The True Cause

A useful tool to understand the reasons why things have happened is to write a Love Resume. We all know what a resume is, whether it was to apply for a job, or to get accepted at a school: we all have produced one at some point in our lives. You write down your education and past jobs and you add in short what it has meant to you.

Now I would like you to do the same, not looking at your professional life, but at your private life. It helps you to get a clear picture of your past and maybe to see patterns and connections. Remember: life is lived forwards and understood backwards!

My advice: be honest when filling in your Love Resume! This goes for all the exercises in this book. Try to look at your past with an open mind and fresh eyes, also at the things that have gone wrong. This may shed new light: maybe you’ll come to a conclusion that you have made mistakes. That is okay. Everybody makes them, nobody’s perfect. As a wise man once said: you are perfect within your imperfection.

Blaming others, your ex-partners, other people or the universe itself doesn’t help. But if you have the courage to stand up and admit, even to yourself, that you too contributed to the problems in past relationships, in some small or large way, you start to see a new way instead of being stuck in the past. And just as you learn when to not fall into the same hole when you’re walking around the block, you have more chance of success when you can avoid the same mistakes next time round.